Artist of the Month

Teri Hendrix

Life is a Present and Teri fully embraces this concept in her art. Making artistic works is Teri’s love, and allows her to express her creativity on the canvas. Her eye for composition, understanding of light, sense of texture, and interpretation of beauty enables her to create extraordinary images.

Teri started painting at a young age, continued to paint in college and then changed her course, had a family and put art on hold. In 2010, Teri retired from a long career of teaching, which has allowed her to express her creativity away from the classroom and into her art. Although she has retired from teaching, her lifelong commitment to education continues. There is always something to learn from each new painting. She is drawn to things that are aging, or how the light plays off objects.

Teri currently lives in Colorado with her husband, where they raised three children. Living in Colorado has influenced and given inspiration to every aspect of her artwork. In her spare time she can be found either locked away in her studio or out capturing her latest photos to change into paintings.

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