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About The Depot Art Gallery

Profile photo ofclock
Carol Lockwood
  • Art Mediums
Profile photo ofdrjackie1
Jacqueline Shuler
  • Art Mediums
    Acrylic, Digital
Profile photo ofjsdesigns1
Judy Strickland
  • Art Mediums
Profile photo ofshawkaren
Karen Shaw
  • Art Mediums
    Acrylic, Oil, Watercolors, Drawing, Charcoal, Fiber, Printmaking
Kathy Meyers
  • Art Mediums
    Oil, Watercolors, Photography, Fiber, Printmaking
Profile photo ofBurLa1127
Laurel Burns
  • Art Mediums
Profile photo ofLisaclayton
Lisa Clayton
  • Art Mediums
    Acrylic, Digital, Photography
Profile photo ofArtchik101
Pam Schmidt
  • Art Mediums
    Acrylic, Drawing, Sculpting, Fiber
Profile photo ofPatH
Pat Hartman
  • Art Mediums
    Watercolors, Drawing

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