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Depot Art Gallery Membership Application

Please Read These Policies Before Proceeding:

Information for new applicants

We are currently revising the application process for new member applicants.  We will describe that in this space shortly.  In the meantime please contact Paul Nutting (membership chair) at or 720-982-7269.


What you should know about the Depot Art Gallery

It is owned by the City of Littleton and as part of the City’s commitment to the arts, the Guild may use it as a gallery, rent-free. As a former Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Depot, it is on the Littleton Historic Register. The Guild maintains the interior of the gallery and assists the City with lighter ground maintenance tasks.

What you should know about guild membership

There are three categories of membership, namely, Active, Honorary and Patron.

Active Members pay dues, may hold board positions, may participate in non-juried and juried shows, have a responsibility to help staff the gallery with another member one day a month, must attend a minimum of three (3) monthly meetings per year (held on the second Saturday of the month at 9:30 am) and are expected to read all Guild emails and attend and participate in the events and activities of the Guild. You should also have a resume and business cards at the gallery.

Honorary Members are appointed by the Board of Directors, pay no dues, have no staffing requirements, may not hold board positions, but have other rights and privileges of Juried Members.

Patrons are individuals or businesses who offer financial or other contributions to the Guild.

Your financial responsibilities as an Active Member

In January, you pay dues, currently $45 per year. If you join after June, you pay half that amount. You pay a $25 deposit for your key to the gallery. It is refundable if you leave and return the key. The Guild collects a 20% commission on all sales at the gallery. Juried show require a flat $10 entry fee. If you have any work in a juried shows, (cards excepted) you must pay this fee, even if you do not submit work for the jurying process. (An example would be bin work or jewelry.)

About our shows

Our show schedule for the year consists of approximately 12 themed shows and is usually planned in October of the previous year. Except for the New Members’ Show, the $200 or Less, Pop Ups, Holiday Market, all shows are juried and require an entry fee. (See above.) Take down of shows begins at 4:00 pm on the Sunday marking the last day of shows and must be complete by the next day, Monday morning, when the intake for the new shows begin. Wall work must conform to the originality and display guidelines contained in the Standing Rules, as must the paperwork (inventory sheet, labels) submitted with your art. More about shows and other opportunities are discussed at the monthly members meetings.

A final word

As with any organization, you get out of it what you put into it. We hope you will be creating lots of art work and that you will enter many of our shows. We hope that your life schedule will allow time for you to not only meet minimum requirements of membership, but to really become involved with all that goes on with the Littleton Fine Arts Guild. To fulfill your work obligation, you can trade times with other members or even pay some members to work for you. We look forward to meeting you.

Revised January 2023