Show Winners

“Aperture Show” Winners

Winter Tears – Peoples Choice
Janele Husband
Sunflowers at Sunset 1st Place
Claudia Courtney
Key in Ignition – 3rd Place
Claudia Courtney
Rustic Door – Honorable Mention
Peggy Dietz
Tangier Abstract – Honorable Mention
Peggy Wait

“35th All Colorado Show” Winners

1st Place 2D. My Dream I Burst by Paula Peacock
Honorable Mention. A Mothers Burden by S. Williams
Best of Show. Swoosh by Tiffany Wine
Monorable Mention. One Bright Moment by Lisa Garness
2nd Place 2D. Iris In Sunlight by Laurie Sorkin
Honorable Mention. Surfs Up by Joseph Razes
3rd Place 2D & Peoples Choice. Late Summer Sunday by James McComas
3rd Place 3D. No Vacancy by Eileen Flanigan
2nd Place 3D. Untitled 04 by Carroll Hansen
1st place 3D. Study In Resilience by Aimee FinkThird Place

“Plein Air Festival 2018” Winners:

Best in Show, Sitting Pretty, Deborah McAllister
Noteworthy Nocturne, Shining Through the Night, Elycia Schaetzel,
First Place, Hot Spot, Lisa Hut
Second Place, Last Day in May, Sheila Marie
Third Place, Quiet, Judith Scott
Quick Paint First Place, One Way, Cliff Austin
Quick Paint Second Place, Charm of 1889, Andrea Gabel
Quick Paint Third Place, Red Door and Rose, Ivy Dillon,
Honorable Mention, Downtown Littleton, Ken Hartman
Honorable Mention, Resting Place, Sandy Marvin

“Beyond The Usual” Show Winners:

Best of Show,  Sleepover, mixed media by Bobbi Shupe
First Place Winner, Yare by Rebekah Corah
Honorable Mention, Sense by Judith Berlinger
Honorable Mention,  Solace by Merrie Wicks
Dark Branches & Blossoms by Ivy Delon
Mountain Majesty, Enamel on metal by Robert Eilert
The View an oil by David George
Clay Mask, Imprisoned For Eternity by Forrest Plesko

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