Plein Air Festival – 3rd Annual

3rd Annual Littleton Plein Air Festival presented by The Littleton Fine Art Guild & The Depot Art Gallery

Show Dates: June 2 – June 18, 2017: Artwork will be on display and for sale at The Depot Gallery.
Come see the winners at the Gallery!


About Our 2017 Festival Juror & Artists…

Juror: Don Sahli is an American Impressionist trained in the Russian School of Painting, with a distinguished  career, 1975 to present Sahli is a respected painter and teacher, studio and plein air, Don established Sahli School of Art in 1995. Don teaches workshops, demonstrates and lectures nationwide and internationally. and

Cliff Austin – Website:
Cab Baldwine –  Email:
Carole Buschmann – Website:
Betsy Buckner – Website:
Galina Bye is a Ukrainian born artist residing in the U.S. Primarily self-taught, she is influenced by Russian and American impressionists. Her vibrant colors and confident strokes suggest fun as she is looking for beauty and excitement in her natural surroundings and strives to share it with a viewer. Email:
Elizabeth Cooper is a native Coloradan, but was raised in Oklahoma. She and her husband live in Golden, CO where she has a home studio and in Santa Fe, NM where she does the majority of her Plein Air work. She began working in pastels in 2011 and has studied with many well know artists over the last several years. Website:
Robin Cutright is an oil painter, who enjoys beautiful colors and the “technically incorrect”, possibly because her proper background is computer programing. Robin has always loved the arts, including dance, theater, music etc. After staying home and raising three, now young adults, she is overjoyed to have more time to paint and appreciate the arts. Email:
Pat Dall is the current President of the Littleton Fine Arts Guild. She works in oil, watercolor, acrylic and pastel. She prefers good weather when painting en Plein Air! Website:
Paul Darrah –  Email:
Ivy Delon –  In the tradition of the Impressionists, Colorado artist Ivy Delon endeavors to evoke the ethereal beauty of nature in all its glorious transition. Her oil paintings are in galleries and collections nationwide. She lives and paints in Littleton, CO. Website: Email:
Patty Dwyer –  Joy, exuberance, texture, vibrant colors and the interplay of light and shadow are what I hope to capture in my work – whether en Plein Air or in my studio. My style is both impressionistic and expressionistic with the use of color, light, brushwork and emotion in my oil paintings and soft pastels. Website:
Jeanne Echternach is a colorist at heart, and whether painting urban landscapes, harbor scenes or mountains, color always plays a prominent role. Strongly impressionist in style, her work is distinguished by bold and distinctive brushwork. Her painting journeys take her to many beautiful locations including Europe, New England, and the American Southwest. Jeanne maintains a studio in Denver, and works outdoors every chance she gets. Website:
Leslie Eddy – Email:
Robert Eilert –  Email:
Diane Fechenbach has always looked at the world as a series of paintings, and is fascinated with colors and light found inside shadows. Teaching is another joy, assisting other artists in finding their “artistic voice” and discovering their passion. I have won numerous awards and recognition in shows and with art organizations across the country. Website:
Linda Fowler – Email:
Loretta Foyle is known for her calm, peaceful landscapes. Loretta works in a variety of mediums, pastels are her main form of expression. Her passion is painting out doors and capturing a sense beauty and calmness of a place. Email:
Andrea Gabel – At 10, Andrea Gabel was enthusiastic to be an artist for the rest of her life. She earned a BFA degree at Colorado State University with a concentration in Graphic Design. Andrea has painted in oils for 17 years, 12 of which have been focused in Plein Air. “Nothing for me is as satisfying as creating a landscape painting while being right in the midst of all its activity and beauty.” Website:
Ted Garcia – My style grew out of commercial illustration mixed with a new-found joy of Russian impressionism. I have concentrated to develop the merging of the two styles to create the bold and vivid paintings for which I am known. I find that Plein Air painting brings a great opportunity to develop an emotional connection with the viewer. The beautiful thing is that the painting is a very personal statement of who the artist is, once a painting is completed. Website:
David George studied art at Western State University, graduated from Colorado Institute of Art in 1969. Worked some twenty-five years in advertising as an Art Director in Cleveland and Denver. Creates work in most popular mediums. Website:
Julia Grundmeier – Email:
Rita B Hasin – The older I get, the greater my need to simplify life and gain inner peace. To achieve this mind-body connection, I find being outdoors meditative. Mother Nature, in all her moods, brings out a sense of playfulness and peace that I apply to my paintings. Website:
Lisa Hut – My early career was in graphic design after attending The Art Institute of Dallas. I started painting in 2003 and paint in pastel, oil and acrylic. Over the last several years; discovering daily painting and painting Plein Air has only increased my love of art and especially teaching folks with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia to paint. Website:
Karyn Kingirski is a 20 year resident of Littleton, Colorado. Member of  The Littleton Fine Art Guild, Signature member of Colorado Watercolor Society, Art Student’s League of Denver. Plein air and studio works in oils and watercolors.
Sheila Marie Littlehorn – “I’ve always been involved in artistic pursuits and happily six years ago I discovered oil painting. I work both in Plein Air and in my studio. My goal, in the end, is to simplify, capture the mood, the essence and the emotion of that moment in time. Creating a work that will bring a beautiful statement to the home of its admirer.” Website:
Sandy Marvin is a former Littleton art teacher. She is currently enjoying having time to cultivate painting skills and pursue a fine art career. Email:
Deborah McAllister – “West is Best”! Having lived in every corner of America, I can definitely say I prefer the West and love Colorado! Our wilderness, mountains, the long views, and the heritage of the pioneer all inspire me. Plein air painting is one of my passions and I organize weekly painting excursions in the Denver area for Plein Air Artists Colorado, and travel and paint as much as possible. Website:
Kathy McKittrick – After a 12-year career in commercial planning & design working at large architectural firms in the Los Angeles area, I hung up my high heel-wearing days and 60-hour work weeks and began creating art for myself. Painting in oils now, I enjoy the endless inspiration I find in nature. I strive to stay loose and painterly in my art capturing the essence of what I see and the challenge to convey it on canvas. Website:
Paul Nutting is a long-time oil painter with a special passion for painting Plein Air. He continues to experminent with different approaches to painting. Most recently he is using a limited palette, three earth colors and white and applying this approach to his most recent interest in urban street scenes. Website:
Forrest Plesko – Email:
Charles Quinton grew up in the Arizona desert, moved to the Rockies in 1994, and started painting in the summer of 2015. Painting is my way of conveying the mood and feeling of my subjects in ways that are difficult or impossible to capture otherwise. I spend most of my creative time in the studio, though I begin most and complete many of my works outdoors, interpreting traditional scenes in a contemporary style. Website:
Bev Ruiz-Moss – Email:
Alma Sanbern is a fine artist and art instructor living in Centennial CO. I have on going classes in several mediums. Teaching Plein Air workshops in Abiquiu, NM is my latest passion. Email:
Colleen Smith finds the problem solving of representing our world on a 2 dimensional surface intriguing and challenging. It’s the capturing of the light, bright color, strong design or the symphonic combination of all three that keeps her painting and drawing. She enjoys looking for a moment of beauty that can be amassed into a piece of art that will last a lifetime. Website:
Karen Spotts – Email:
Lucy Strupp is a graphic designer and business owner. Now retired from her creative business and marketing career, she is fully focused on bringing together her love of the outdoors and art through Plein Air painting. Lucy is a member of the Art Students League of Denver. She received an Honorable Mention for her painting “Busy Corner” at the 2016 Littleton Plein Air Festival. Website:
Pamela Tingey – While I do have a BA, I have not painted since my school days. I always said I would paint when I retire. That was 3 years ago. I had some idea it would be all caftans, air conditioning and wine. Little did I know I would fall in love with Plein Air. Now it is all paint splattered jeans, sunscreen and filtered water. I call this combat painting. Email:
Karin Toppel – Email:
Iris Turell – Email:
Cathy Van Berg
Nicole Walravens has been painting for four years in acrylics and watercolor.
Nancy Whitenight Wilkins paints landscapes and flowers from her garden. She paints with oils. Nancy incorporates the color she sees from the beauty of her surroundings and loves the Colorado landscape. Email:
Sue Williams is primarily a watercolor artist, who on occasion dabbles in other mediums just for the kick of it. Sue is a signature member of both the Colorado Watercolor Society (CWS) and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS). Also, she is an active member of the Depot Art Gallery of Littleton and the Paint Box Guild of Littleton. Email:
Anita Winter paints almost everyday, both outside on location (Plein Air) and in the studio. She paints in watercolor and more recently in oils, continually seeking to grow. She paints to celebrate, explore and give thanks. Website:
Equus Enterprises, Inc. Email: