Membership & Forms

Membership Info & Application (How to Become a Member)
General Information (After you Become a Member) This form is currently in revision. For immediate questions, write us at
Show Entries-People’s Choice Tally Sheet- 8.5 x 11
Show Chairmen Guidelines
Receptions Guidelines
People’s Choice Award Ballot Form
Membership Chair Guidelines
Juror Selection Guidelines
Juror Information and Acknowledgement
Juror Guidelines
Gallery Coordinator Guidelines
2 Night Stand Guidelines & To Do lists
Be Prepared – Requirements for Displaying Artwork
Bin Work Guidelines
3D Artwork Guidelines
Inventory Sheets & Labels
Artwork Labels – PDF
Artwork Labels – Word
Inventory Sheet for All Media (Excludes Bin work) – PDF
Inventory Sheet for All Media (Excludes Bin Work) – EXCEL
Inventory Sheet for Bin Work – PDF
Inventory Sheet for Bin Work – EXCEL
Request for Reimbursement Form