Artist of the Month – Bill Brown

To me Nature is a book, a scripture given us to reveal the truth about who God is, who we are, and what our place is in the vastness his creation. Though at times it feels as if we are but a mere speck of dust in a limitless landscape, and our lives are but an instant in the incalculable vastness of time, we can still read that book that nature is, whether it is a chapter on infinity represented by the Milky Way on a clear night or it is a short passage represented by the stunning purple beauty of a morning glory soon after sunrise, or the look in a person’s eyes we can read its poetry, the Milky Way like an epic greater than anything Homer could write, a morning glory more beautiful than a Keatsian ode, a face like a stanza of the great drama that is life. The camera is like a highlighter with which we can mark passages we come across that have great meaning to us so we can come back to them time after time. Even though we may not be able to articulate it beyond what the lens has shown, we understand just a bit better what nature’s author wrote. I hope my notes made with a camera can help others to a bit more of that understanding.

Waiting for Relief
Gold Flower
Michigan Lighthouse
Pegasus and Cadejo
Demure lady
Colorado Sphinx
Chatfield Sun
Boat at Caesaria
Bill Bache
At Zion